Belladonna Horror Magazine & The Horror Honeys

BELLADONNA HORROR MAGAZINE – the FIRST horror magazine staffed, designed, written and published by women, Belladonna is a new voice for horror in a market that is rapidly seeing its decline. In an age where literally anyone can have a blog or review site, Belladonna elevates the voices of our writers and presents new opportunities for female genre writers to be showcased. Likewise, our covers and features focus on women working in the genre including directors, actors, producers, and more.

Please Note: Because we are committed to an environmentally friendly way of publishing, all subscriptions to Belladonna are DIGITAL ONLY. But you can purchase print-on-demand copies at MagCloud!

GENRE MAVENS – The Horror Honeys cover all aspects of the horror, sci-fi, thriller, and fantasy genres with a unique and overarching approach.

INTERVIEWS – our genre interviews reach from indie to major studio releases and feature directors, authors, actors, genre personalities and content creators from all corners of the horror world. Honey Interviews take place one-to-one at film festivals and press junkets and are featured in Belladonna Magazine, on our podcast, and on our website.

REVIEWS – Boasting more than just the general approach to film review, the Honeys are “students of horror,” and we take our job seriously, offering unbiased reviews and opinions that are colored not just by our love of the genre, but a wealth of knowledge and experience in film and television.